June 13, 2015


We advertise. We create. We dream.

Welcome to D3vilCorp, where we help you achieve recognition in this vast world. A service that helps you gain the respect you deserve, the reach that you desire.

Your talent gets displayed to thousands of people here, and it really helps you gain an advantage over the others. It’s cheap, easy and fast.

But… Who am I?

My name…. is not Oliver Queen. Neither am I Barry Allen, the fastest man alive.

Well…then? I’m just your average teen, equipped with enhanced mental and physical skills. No, I’m not a meta human, but you could say that God did favor me while I was being born. (heh)

This is an arena where passionate, hardcore gamers, movie-buffs and eccentric people such as me, meet. Latest updates, spiciest news and awesome battles… What more could you ask?

Enjoy your time here, and have a blast! Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any queries!



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