Top 10 Wackiest Joker Fusions

Joker. The clown prince of crime. The criminal mastermind.That’s how you view him, eh?

Well things are about to change. Presenting some of the most awesome, brutal and hilarious amalgams of Joker, with characters from other universes. Let’s fuse some Joker! 😉

Are you ready? Here we go!!!

#10.  Joker + Stewie 

Joker + Stewie



#9. Joker + Darth Maul

Joker + Darth Maul



#8. Joker + Green Goblin

Joker + Green Goblin



#7. Joker + Venom

Joker + Venom



#6. Joker + Hulk

Joker + Hulk



#5. Joker + Iron Man

Joker + Iron Man



#4. Joker + Loki

Joker + Loki



#3. Joker + Captain America

Joker + Captain America



#2. Joker + Wolverine

Joker + Wolverine



#1. Joker + Deadpool

Joker + Deadpool



All images haven’t been cropped as they aren’t mine. All credits go the artists/cosplayers.

HAVE FUN, GUYS! Hope you liked it! 😉

Which one was the best, in your opinion?

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