Misconceptions Related To Mortal Kombat X

You won’t be having any doubts after reading this.

1. Regarding the  RELEASE DATE :

The official release date of the game for the PS3 and Xbox 360 users has been pushed back to the 31st of December, later this year. It was recently postponed, so if you pre-ordered it (and thought that if you would be able to play it on the 2nd of June) then I feel really sad for y’all. Now now, don’t hate, they are probably improving the game and reducing the glitches, you can just wait for it or upgrade your console.

2. Regarding  KUNG JIN :

Many people got confused when they heard the story of Kung Jin. During Kung’s flashback, we learn that he couldn’t get accepted by the Shaolin monks, because “his heart desired someone else.”

This is the exchange that happened between Raiden and Kung, during the scene of his flashback :

\\Raiden urges Kung Jin to join the Shaolin monks\\

Kung : “I… I can’t… They won’t accept”

Raiden : “They care only of what is in your heart, not whom your heart desires.”

This baffled a lot of fans as they weren’t able to understand the indirect reference to Kung Jin being gay.

Yes, in the game, he is confirmed as “Gay” and is also the first gay character to be announced in the Mortal Kombat Universe.

3. Regarding  KANO AND TREMOR :

A lot of people don’t know who Tremor is. He appeared briefly in the Mortal Kombat : Special Forces and the only info revealed about him was that he was a member of the Black Dragon clan whose leader is Kano, and that he was loyal to him.

The most recent rumour these days is that Tremor is the son of Kano. Hell no! I really don’t know what to say much about this, but this is completely false. Believe me, many people still think otherwise.


Okay, we all know how it works in the MK Universe. You die, you respawn, you die again, you respawn in the enemy territory, and then you die and may or may not come back. You can compare it with a FPS if you have to.

Anyway, these are the list of the people who will NOT be coming back to the MK Universe, at least for now.

> Jade

> Cyrax, Sektor and other cyber-warriors

> Drahmin

> Moloch

These have been confirmed, let’s wait for more news.

5. Regarding  “TOASTY!”

If you thought that “Toasty!” was “Whoopsie!”, you shouldn’t even be here. 😛

It is an Easter Egg and an inside joke made by the developers of the early MK games. The lead sound designer, Dan Forden, appears on the screen saying “Toasty!” when you perform a vicious uppercut, or an amazing string of combos and finishing it with an uppercut.

It was there is MK4, and also in MK9. It is also present in MKX, although you don’t hear him saying that.

One of Cassie’s fatality in has her taking a selfie with her opponent and posting it on Friendships (seems like a social media platform) and one of her friends is Dan Forden in his “Toasty” pose. Yep.

That’s all for today folks, just stay tuned for new stuff everyday, and well… STAY TOASTY! 🙂


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