Black Panther’s Role In Civil War

Rumours, rumours everywhere. Marvel fans went crazy when they heard the (rumoured) news of Black Panther joining the Civil War team. Amazeballs.


Why wouldn’t they? T’Challa, the king of Wakanda will be seen in the movie, and he would be having a major role to play. Now you might remember the last 5 minutes of Captain America : The Winter Soldier, where Cappy and his buddy  Falcon decide to search for  Bucky Barnes, Captain’s childhood friend. Although he was brainwashed and made to go through a lot, he still couldn’t completely forget Steve. The mission of locating Bucky is further revealed  in the Avengers : Age Of Ultron (which means that they’re still looking for him), although it’s just mentioned once.


Now coming to the good part. We just saw that Wakanda has the richest deposits of Vibranium, the rarest element on Earth from which Captain’s frisbee… I mean his shield is made of. (Dammit Ultron)

Wakanda is also the home country of Black Panther, who has his whole suit made of Vibranium. Now the best part is, that Black Panther is also looking for Bucky, and he is not in a good mood.


When Bucky was transformed into the Winter Soldier, he was unstable and reckless. He was brainwashed and kept under ice for years. He created a lot of enemies during his time as the Winter Soldier, killed many, and now there’s  a lot of bad blood between them. Rumours suggest that Bucky allegedly assassinated T’Challa’s (Black Panther’s) father, and this is the reason he is looking for him. Although in the comics, we see that it is in fact Ulysses Klaw who murders the T’Challa’s father.


So you can be sure which side the Black Panther will be joining in the Civil War. Scheduled to release on the 6th of May, 2016, this is one of the most awaited movies of 2016.


Before you guys leave, have a look at the costume the Panther is supposed to have. It’s just a design, nothing has been finalized. But owing to the amazing technological advancements in Wakanda other than the huge deposits of Vibranium, his costume would be pretty darn amazing.


The fight scene between Cappy and Panther would be amazing. Fighting fire with fire. I just hope they show the scene where Panther scratches Captain’s shield. Can’t wait!

Hope you liked it! Leave your suggestions below if you’d like, and have fun!


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