June 13, 2015

About Us

We advertise. We create. We deliver.

D3vil Incorporation, or simply D3vCorp was a digital media startup created in 2014 by a teenager with big dreams, high hopes and a very basic computer, in his room, thinking about how he should treat his parents to a lovely holiday in Spain or buy them the latest home theater system; as soon as it took off.

He wanted to connect companies to their customers and also help them find new ones, but in a very unique way.

What exactly is D3vCorp?

It’s a digital consultancy and marketing firm, led by Parthiv Shah (Scorpy Hazashi). We focus on giving the best results in social marketing, across all channels of online communication with the most innovative forms of promotion and advertising. From designing a basic website, creating original content, designing and maintaining a proper digital media strategy, promotion on various social media platforms to on and off page SEO, we here at D3vCorp do it all.

It’s an agency that moves around with the world, and has no boundaries – unlimited freedom in a digital space. Currently based in Berlin, we mainly cater to clients who are in the gaming, cosplay, art and film industries, occasionally also providing strategies and promotions for other services, and not just physical products.

We believe in perfection, and our main goal is to give you the highest amount of value that you can receive by investing your money with us and get highly targeted results no matter the budget size.

Email us for more information and queries at support@d3vilcorp.com, and we’ll get back to you ASAP! Until then – Stay TOASTY!

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