PS4 Insomniac Spiderman Suit Costume : Review

I’m sure y’all are excited for the new Spider-Man game that will be out soon. The trailer was amazeballs!

One thing I’ve noticed is that people have mixed reviews for the new skin in the game. I think it’s because of “too much white” or maybe it’s just not very common to see our friendly neighbourhood in such a costume. But DO NOT WORRY! After watching the trailer repeatedly and the finally wearing the costume, it actually looks hot. The colors pop out so well! I love the design.



I knew I had to message Zentai-Zentai about the suit, and BOOM! Here we have it! The quality of the suit is exquisite, and the fabric is great. It is quite thick and you can easily stretch around in it without worrying about the “whitening” bit. I mean, many spandex and lycra suits have that problem – you stretch a bit and the color of the suit around the stretched areas start fading. But it’s not an issue here.

Insomniac Spiderman PS4 Game Suit Cosplay

The best part – The resemblance is PERFECT! Huge props to Dave Kirk and Brandon Gilbert for creating the design. My suit has soles added to it and is a one piece suit (i.e. does not come with a detachable mask) and I prefer that to a detachable one since the former is more comfy in my opinion. It also doesn’t seem as if you’ve worn two separate things – and hence makes your pictures look really cool. There is an invisible U-shaped zipper at the back, and also one more which is quite visible to for your head. (see picture above)

The colors have come out really well, and it looks really good. I also had rubber lenses attached but there’s no faceshell. I do plan on getting one however! If you’re looking for a cheap, good quality Spidey cosplay, this is one of the sites that you should totally visit. There are others too, and I will definitely review them later when I get the chance. For a total of around $100, this is a steal. Go check the suit out HERE :

There are like a zillion modifications you can add to the suit – zippers, detachable masks, lenses, faceshells, etc. Just make sure what’s needed and choose wisely!

Captain Spiderman Shield

All in all, the suit is just awesome. The service of Zentai~Zentai is really top notch too. I received my costume within 10 days after it was shipped and that too during Halloween time, when they were swamped with orders. They replied to my mails too – and kept me updated. Extremely efficient.

If you want to contact them, you can visit their Facebook page, or E-mail them! 🙂 You can also visit their website if you want to check out tons of other Spidey stuff! CLICK HERE

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STAY TOASTY, fellas!

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