Flash Season 2 Episode 1 : BREAKDOWN + Watch Full Episode Online

5 months since the Season Finale, the second Season of The Flash is finally here. The long wait is over.

This episode was more of a mild recap of what had happened during the first Season of The Flash, and the Season Finale. It was nicely written, although it didn’t have any of us on the edge of our seats, which a regular Flash episode does.

Barry Allen goes all solo now, stays to himself and also operates from Star Labs without anyone’s help. It’s been 6 months since the singularity had been created and contained, and the city is safe and sound.

The Flash Season Finale Wormhole

As seen in this episode, Barry doesn’t “enter” the wormhole. Instead he tries running around it in the opposite direction to make it stable. While he is doing that, Firestorm comes to his aid and tries to merge the inner and outer horizons of the Wormhole, by separating themselves in the “eye” of it.

Firestorm Dies Flash Season 2 Episode 1

Unfortunately Ronnie Raymond (played by Robbie Amell) doesn’t make it and dies (???) and Barry is only able to save Professor Stein (played by Victor Garber).

Ronnie may have gone on the other side of the Wormhole, and that’s all I can think of right now.

We then have Joe and Iris trying to persuade Barry to make an appearance on the “Flash Day” and accept the key to the city by the Mayor. Barry hesitates at first and has everyone convinced that he won’t be coming, as he feels that he doesn’t deserve it.

Flash Day Celebrations Season 2 Episode 1

But then he does come!

The Flash Season 2 Episode 1

And during this event, the Atom Smasher (played by Edge, the superstar from WWE) pops up and tosses around Barry as a toy…

Atom Smasher Edge WWE Flash Season 2

And that’s when Cisco has a vision from another timeline….

Cisco Vibe Visions From Another Timeline Alternate Universe

After a series of unimportant events, we find that The Flash tries to stop the Atom Smasher all by himself, as he doesn’t want anyone to work with him, because he feels that he’s risking the lives of his friends and family.

He fails terribly and comes back injured.

Atom Smasher Defeats Flash

And I’ll skip to my favorite part now…


Apparently, Mr. Reverse Flash had left Barry all of his property (including Star Labs) and had also recorded a video of him confessing about Nora Allen’s murder. Yep, that was it, and even though it was for less than a minute, I enjoyed every moment of Tom’s brilliant cameo.

Harrison Wells Flash Season 2 Reverse Flash

Aaaaand Henry Allen is released from Iron Heights, and comes back home!

Henry Allen Released From Iron Heights Jail

Moving on, The Flash defeats the Atom Smasher (duhhhh) but before he dies (he might come back as we see in Cisco’s vision) he says that “Zoom” had asked him to kill The Flash, and in return, Zoom would take him back to his home.

Not sure what the second part meant, but the mere mention of Zoom caught my attention and I watched the whole scene thrice.

Atom Smasher Teddy Sears Edge Death

Sooo… Yeah. The conclusion to this episode was pretty cool – Cisco redesigns the Flash symbol and it looks something like this. (And we obviously know that it’s white)

Flash New Logo White Background Season 2

Time for some fun.


Jay Garrick The Flash Season 2 Teddy Sears

“My name is Jay Garrick…. And your world is in danger.” It was fun seeing this speedster in the very first episode of The Flash, and we sinceriously hope for more surprises. Played by Teddy Sears, hope he doesn’t disappoint us. I’m rooting for ya, buddy!

Jay Garrick Flash Season 2

Watch Flash Season 2 Episode 1 Online Here!!!


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