Okay. I’ll come clean on this, I wasn’t expecting it so soon. 

Laurel has gone bazooka – brains again. I mean why would you do something when you know that the result will f’up everything? Can’t she already see what has happened to Thea? 


But nope. She will revive Sara Lance by going to Nanda Parbat, toss her in the Lazarus Pit, celebrate with Mr. Merlyn for a while, and return home with Ms. White Canary. Thea was just an excuse to go there. Again, Sara does have a major role to play in the Legends Of Tomorrow, so I’m guessing they’ll start developing the arc from the 4th/5th episode onwards.

I hope Dailymotion doesn’t take down the above video I’ve uploaded. They’ve shown Laurel digging up Sara’s grave and (possibly next episode) take her to Nanda Parbat and bring her back to life by using the Lazarus Pit.

Yeah, thanks guys. One more thing. Am I the only one who finds Diggle’s helmet TOTALLY ridiculous?

Diggle Arrow Season 4 New Costume

Can’t you give him THIS instead?

Diggle Green Lantern John Stewart Arrow Season 4

The episode as a whole was like a regular Arrow episode : Tension between Oliver and Captain Lance, tension between Oliver and Diggle, and tension between Oliver and Thea. But the end part is what throws you back into the episode and the show as the whole, EVERY single time.

Oliver Queen Stephen Amell Arrow Season 4 Premier

That’s just me. Tell me what you thought about this episode as a whole in the comments below, or message me on my Green Arrow page!! 😉

Sara Lance White Canary Arrow Season 4

That’s all for today, folks! If you enjoyed reading this, then you might want to know WHO DIES IN THIS SEASON OF ARROW.

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