Top 10 Moments From The Flash S02 Episode 2

This episode was one of my favorite episodes from The Flash.

Filled with lots of Easter Eggs and references, some very obvious (lol) and some where we had to think, this episode is worthy of appreciation. Here are my “Top 10 Moments” from The Flash S02 E02.

#10. The “VIBE” Reference.

The writers could have made this a bit more interesting, but nope! They kept it damn obvious. Have a look at Cisco’s dialogues in this scene.

#09.  New 52 Reference.

This one particular reference is quite subtle. Mr. Undead-half-of-Firestorm, Professor Martin Stein explains how the opening of the wormhole has caused “52” pockets of energy to open up in Central City.

#08. Patty Spivot’s Entry

Patty Spivot Actress The Flash Season 2

She’s bubbly, entertaining and awesome. I really love how she carries her character, and is a great actress. She shared some cool moments with Barry outside Joe’s cabin.

#07. Earth 2 and Multiverse Theory Buildup

Earth 2 The Flash Season 2

Although they used an awful lot of jargons to explain it, we are still quite happy that it’s going this way. Bringing the concepts of multiverse and alternate universes brings a lot of new characters in the future, and always has spots for new villains and heroes to occupy.

#06. Speed-Force concept

Currently, this is quite hard to explain and the writers are not going too much in depth to show more about this concept. But we can notice a few things, like Jay Garrick loses his speed as he enters an alternate Earth, and the same happening to Eobard Thawne, when he travels back in time to kill Barry. But the important thing here is that Eobard was from the future, not from an alternate Earth/Universe. So does merely going back in time make changes in the Speed-Force? Or does it change when you travel to an alternate timeline? No one knows yet.

#05. Explanation of Doppelgangers

Many of you guys must be wondering how Atom Smasher had 2 roles in the first episode or did he die in the first attack at all.

The answer to this is simple – The “Atom Smasher” of the current timeline was a normal guy and he DID die but the one that Barry defeated – was from Earth 2 sent by Zoom to kill Barry.

#04. Barry uses his lightning to defeat Sand Demon

Barry Allen Throws Lightning At Sand Demon

“What happens when you add lightning to sand?”

“It turns to glass!!”

“It seems that you have something new to learn, Flash.”

Yeah, this scene was beautiful.

#03. “Flash!” … “COMING!!”

The Flash Season 2 Episode 2 Comic Book Reference

THIS WAS BRILLIANT. A classic comic book cover reference for The Flash. Don’t know about you guys, but this definitely gave me a nerdgasm.

#02. Mr. Reverse Flash

Eddie Thawne Zoom Reverse Flash Season 2

WHO IS HE??! He’s got a Black costume and a blue streak… Hmmm…

Can he be the Black Flash? Because Jay says, “He has a face of death.” Or is it just a meaningless line? One can never be too sure. It doesn’t matter because he looks badass. WAIT…. COULD HE BE EDDIE THAWNE???!

#01. Hello, Dr. Harrison Wells!

Harrison Wells The Flash Season 2 Earth 2

Tom Cavanagh is my favorite character in the whole show. In the last scene of this episode we get a glimpse of Earth-2, where Dr. Harrison Wells obviously isn’t dead and I guess is a good guy..(?) Moreover, he is going to be a season regular so nothing beats that. I really can’t wait to see what happens on this show next, and I’m beyond excited.

What about you guys? Please leave your comments below here!

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