Who Died In The Arrow Season 4 Premiere?!

You probably saw it coming. But you were WRONG.

So, in the last 5 minutes of yesterday’s episode, we see that the show has fast-forwarded to 6 months in the future, where Oliver and Barry are standing in front of a freshly dug grave.

The Flash Arrow Crossover Season 4 Death

Oliver Queen Crying Arrow Season 4 Ending Scene

We (obviously) don’t get to see the dead person’s name on the tombstone, but most of us already know who it is. Well, do you?

It must be someone REAAALLLLLLLY close to Oliver, otherwise….

1. He wouldn’t talk about killing someone, and

2. He shed a few tears at the funeral.

Now let’s think about the most obvious answer.


Felicity Dies Arrow Season 4

Nice guesswork, guys! But I don’t think that it’s that easy. Also, the writers would think a thousand times before doing that, because MANY (notice the stress on MANY) fans ship Olicity, and they would be enraged if something like that happened to their favorite on-screen couple.

So, it’s a big NO from my side.

Moving on, let’s have a look at our next spot in the grave.


Thea Queen Speedy Death Arrow Season 4

The next most closest person to Oliver is his sister, Thea. But could Speedy really die? Only time will tell. She already died once, and I didn’t really feel her absence anyway. Um… please just don’t get butthurt if you are a fan.

Damien might target Thea for obvious reasons (he needs to break Oliver from within; like all bad guys want to), and owing to her immature fighting skills and rash behavior, she might be a victim of Damien’s wrath.


Diggle Arrow Season 4 New Costume

Yep, we almost forgot about their bromance. I wouldn’t want him to die, as it would goddamn amazing to see him as a *cough cough* future Green Lantern. John Diggle Stewart… maybe? But yeah, he could be one of the victims of Damien Darhk.

Diggle Green Lantern John Stewart Arrow Season 4

Lol, enjoy the above pic for no reason 😛


Captain Lance Arrow Season 4

Heck, he even works for Damien as an informer! Oops… *Spoiler Alert!* Lol, anyway, he’s forced to work for him and might flip out any time sooner. And Damien wouldn’t like it when he does that…. Personally, I don’t think Oliver would cry after Lance’s death. He has less chances of being the person in the grave.

And now, the person who has the HIGHEST chances of getting killed is :


Laurel Lance Black Canary  Arrow Season 4

Yep! I believe it’s her. Sara Lance is coming back to the Legends Of Tomorrow as White Canary, and I think there are enough canaries in this show to handle. She might become a good target for Damien, as he can then blackmail her father, Captain Lance (which I’m sure he won’t pay any heed to) and in the process leads to the killing of Black Canary a.k.a. Laurel.

A few more things…

Like… Who is Damien Darhk worshipping? :O

Damien Darhk Arrow Season 4 Blood Sacrifice

And why is Oliver Queen making Soufflés?

Arrow Season 4 Episode 1


Oliver Queen Stephen Amell Arrow Season 4 Premier

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