Alien “Konfirmed” As A New Character In #KP2 For October 12?

Why u do this Ed Boon, why u be such a troll bro? 

Ed Boon Funny GIF

This random post tweeted out by Ed Boon on the 4th of October seemed like a regular troll…. Until yesterday… When I received a message from my source saying that Alien HAD BEEN CONFIRMED!!!! 

Alien Kombat Pack 2 KP2 Confirmed

He posted this same image again, on the same day, when someone asked him a question.

Alien Komfirmed Mortal Kombat X Kombat Pack 2

He also replied to a fan who reportedly tweeted this image out to him, and Ed posted this on his account.

Alien Predator Variations Kombat Pack 2 Confirmed

Here’s the actual tweet.

Ed Boon Twitter

Okay, so let’s try being more … erm… logical here. To be honest, I don’t think Alien should make it, because I don’t want him to. Why can’t we stick to our old, veteran characters? We need Baraka, Sindel, Rain, Noob, Smoke…. the list doesn’t end. But nope. They just keep on adding characters from other universes.


But according to sources, characters from other universes like Spawn WILL have a spot in the KP2. At least one of them is gonna be in. Currently, these are the original MK characters who have the highest chances to make it in Kombat Pack 2. CLICK HERE to know who they are.

Moving on. According to this tweet, 12th October will be a huge day for all MK fans across the world.

Kombat Pack 2 Release Date

Yeah! We are going to see a major character reveal on the 12th!! Who do you think is next?

A new character? Or a regular kombatant? My bet is on BARAKA or RAIN!!! Why would they design both of these characters in such an intricate manner and then not use them?! Well, we’ll see. 😉

Let us hope for the best! And don’t worry, I’ll keep you updated on everything that happens on the 12th of October 🙂

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