Kombat Pack 2 Gameplay Trailer Is Here!!!

The wait has finally ended!

If you are following the Twitter of our Elder God, you might know that the Kombat Pack 2 Gameplay has been released.

This was the tweet :

Ed Boon's Twitter Update


Triborg Kombat Pack 2 Gameplay

And now, we have this!

Kombat Pack 2 Gameplay Trailer

Go ahead, WATCH IT!!!

I just can’t wait to play as Sektor!!! <3

Sektor MKX Kombat Pack 2

So, are you pumped for KP2?! I surely am! The full gameplay video will be posted here soon, so don’t forget to BOOKMARK this site! Or just drop me a message HERE if you need any extra information 😉

Answer this before you go :

Did you notice that Bo’ Rai Cho had a goddamn fart attack?!?! Lmao! SEE ALL THE PICTURES OF THE KOMBAT PACK 2 GAMEPLAY HERE!!!

And here’s something you never expected –

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Thanks, and BYE! Have a GREAT day!

– Scorpy

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