MKX Kombat Pack 2 Update – 7 Rumored Characters That Can Make It

You must have probably heard about 5 of these characters. Let’s see the 2 new ones, shall we?

Boon is a major trolling icon. He loves doing that to his fans, and that leads to arguments, speculations and controversies among Mortal Kombat fans.

Ed Boon Funny GIF

The last post about ALIEN being a character in the Kombat Pack 2  because of dear Ed’s tweets was another highly debatable topic. I mean, if they put Predator, they might as well add Alien too, right?


According to the latest sources, we are having 2 old school characters and 2 that are non-canon (Not from the MK Universe.)

Havik and Drahmin Kombat Pack 2

Now, we MIGHT (notice the emphasis) have Havik or Drahmin in the second Kombat Pack as per Mr. Troll’s twitter.

Ed Boon recently tweeted this picture out :

Ed Boon Twitter Trolling

Is there any meaning to this? Are they going to appear in the game, or the comic, or is this just another random tweet? Nobody knows.

Goddamit Boon. Here is the last tweet that caused so many speculations. Check it out.

Alien Kombat Pack 2 KP2 Confirmed


According to many people, Havik and Drahmin are looking wayyyy too detailed after their last game, and their character looks much clearer. Coincidence? Umm… Maybe.

But Drahmin has lesser chances of being in the game, as he is Boon’s “LEAST FAVORITE CHARACTER.”

So, according to the latest hype and sources, I have made a “Top 7 Character” list who might make it in Kombat Pack 2.

#7. Kabal

Kabal Kombat Pack 2

#6. Fujin

Fujin MKX Kombat Pack 2

#5. Bo’ Rai Cho


#4. Rain

Rain MKX Kombat Pack 2

#3. Spawn

Spawn MKX Kombat Pack 2

#2. Baraka

Baraka MKX Kombat Pack 2

#1. Smoke

Smoke Enenra MKX Kombat Pack 2

Who do you think will make it? Put down your thoughts in the comments section below!! 😉

Let’s see how it turns out, and I’m hoping for some real good characters this time. I really hope that they stick to the original, veteran MK characters rather than adding new ones.

If you want some awesome fan-art of other Mortal Kombat characters, leave your email below and I’ll send them to you ASAP!! 🙂

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