Mortal Kombat X : Tremor’s Here! *REVEAL*

Oh yeah. The badass for whom every MK fan was waiting for, has finally arrived.

Or should I say “Struck?” (Sorry for the bad puns 😛 )


In the new update, he can be seen as a locked character and we can just read his description that is given on the select screen.

Seems an interesting character, although we do know a little about his backstory. If you don’t, well I’m here for that.

He appeared briefly in the Mortal Kombat : Special Forces and the only info revealed about him was that he was a member of the Black Dragon clan whose leader is Kano, and that he was loyal to him. He’s an Earth Ninja with powers like creating earthquakes, stone projectiles, etc.

Tremor Reveal

Tremor would be released either during the last week of July, or during the first week of August. Excited? You should be!

Tremor Revealed

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