Top 5 Pictures From The Kombat Pack 2 Trailer!

Here are the sauciest, hottest and the newest pictures from the Kombat Pack 2 Gameplay.

1. Alien looks pissed off.

Predator Fight

2. THE PIT RETURNS!!! I love this stage.

Oh wait, is that Bo’ Rai Cho doing a fart attack on Liu Kang?!?! Bwhahahaha!!!!

Bo Rai Cho Fart Attack

3. Alien looks hungry af.

Alien Fatality MKX Kombat Pack 2

4. Leatherface is killing it. Literally.

LeatherFace Awesome Mortal Kombat X Fight

5. Would be wrong to call this Fatality a THREESOME? Either way, we know that Sub-Zero is f*cked.

Sektor Cyrax Smoke Fatality Threesome

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