Where Should You Buy Good Overwatch Costumes From? Soldier 76 Costume Review!

Hey there! I’m sure you’re a huge Overwatch fan like me, and also maybe interested a bit in cosplaying the characters you love?

Well, if the answer is “YES”, then you’ve come to the right place! Today, we shall discuss a place to get all your cool OW props and suit accessories from, and more specifically, review Soldier 76’s amazing costume!

Word has it, that a new company has surfaced that makes preeeeetty kickass stuff, and even though it’s a newbie in the cosplay business, (don’t let that fool ya) they make some really high quality stuff. They are COSHd.com!

Recently, I had the pleasure of working with them and they sent me their Soldier 76 suit for review. As you can see, it looks absolutely amazing!

Well, the oncoming Doomfist upgrade can be seen… in the form of an infinity gauntlet! (I didn’t have the REAL Doomfist, but the gauntlet is a really good replacement, don’t you think?)

Talking about the suit, it comes with –

  • Jacket
  • Pants
  • Gloves
  • Straps/Buckles/Pockets
  • Cute Little Yellow Ammunition

You can also buy it for yourself by simply clicking on this link HERE! Also, don’t forget to use the discount code Scorpy15 for 15% off on this fabulous suit!

It does not include boots or the helmet, you would have to buy those elsewhere! I got mine from eBay. This costume, does put a smile on my face. Let’s have a few Thanos references, shall we?

Overall, this suit is pretty comfortable, and was custom made according to my measurements! Shipping barely took a couple of weeks, and the processing was just the same!

In under a month, I had this beauty on my doorstep, ready to be worn! The staff at COSHd are very polite as well, and always respond to any queries within 12-24 hours. They were a breeze to work with!

All in all – it is worth every penny and is Con-Ready. I will be making a few videos with the suit soon, if you want an in-depth review!

Stay tuned for that!

We’re all soldiers now. 😉




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