Who Is The Arkham Knight?!

Most of us have this question these days. This will totally blow your mind.

Close to it’s release, Batman’s Arkham Knight is generating more hype than ever before. The identity of the main antagonist, the Arkham Knight has not been revealed yet.

Yep, but we still have some awesome theories that will blow your mind. Let’s begin!

Joker as the Arkham Knight :

But.. But did the Joker not die in Arkham City? Our take on this – Nope. He didn’t die at all. Sure, he was weak and had been poisoned, but… it was all a sham. He could return in many ways. The bottom line is, that the Joker somehow got access to a suit better than that of Batman; well equipped, durable and tougher. It’s chaos we’re talking about! It would be amazing to see him return as the Arkham Knight, don’t you think?

Red Hood as the Arkham Knight :

Well this was a surprise… Can it be Red Hood? Hell-bent on revenge, thirsty for some blood, he returns with vengeance to give Batman the biggest nightmare of his life. Sounds believable, doesn’t it? I hope that this is legit, as it would be freaking awesome to see him as the Arkham Knight.

Arkham Knight as AI :

Can this guy actually be Artificial Intelligence? A Robot? A Cyborg? If this is the case, then I’m hoping for some real good tactics, and in built instincts… That’s what differentiates us from them. But if he’s got those skills, Batman will have to be really wary of this guy. In the trailer, we already saw him beat Batman in hand-to-hand combat.

Arkham Knight as a completely new character :

This would be the best choice, I guess. Keeping everyone in the dark, and then suddenly revealing a new character. A new origin story. A new badass. A new nightmare. With just days away from it’s release, Arkham Knight would be one of the most played games of 2015.

It already has given us many reasons to play it. The Batmobile. Ultimate nerdgasm. It would be really epic.

So, before I end this here, answer this. WHO DO YOU THINK THIS BADASS IS?! I’m hoping that it’s revealed soon!

Stay tuned on this site for more, and as usual, STAY TOASTY! 😉

2 thoughts on “Who Is The Arkham Knight?!

  • Nice but consider this it sounds kinda crazy but imagine mortal kombat cybers one of them being an arkham night it sounds unlikely but it suits the AI definition a lot or another theory would be a clone of batman that would sound cool too

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