10 Cool Facts About Marvel’s Black Panther

You thought you knew them all, but did you really know them? Check these 10 cool facts about Black Panther and if you get them all – you’re a true fan!

1. ‘Black Panther’ is a title and not just one person

Black Panther Wallpaper

The title is passed down from a protector to another protector in the fictional African county, Wakanda. Only the most worth of the eighteen united tribes, receives this title!

2. ‘Black Panther’ is the king of an entire nation!

Black Panther T'Challa King Movie

‘Black Panther’ is the king of Wakanda. The reason behind, ‘Wakanda’ being so advanced is because of the mining of metal called Vibranium. It is the same metal from which Captain America’s shield is made of.

3. ‘Black Panther’ has unstoppable LADY BODYGUARDS!

Dora Milaje Black Women Bodyguards

A proper king needs a squad of impossibly badass warriors to watch his back, right? For Wakandan royalty, those impossibly badass warriors are the Dora Milaje, also known as the Adored Ones. This fighting force consists exclusively of women, usually with their martial arts skills polished to a high sheen and their heads shaved to an equally shiny degree. They’re recruited from every different sect in Wakandan politics and they’re meant to represent potential queens.
The Dora Milaje are a late addition to the Black Panther’s mythology, appearing for the first time in Black Panther Vol. 3 #1 in 1998. They’ve proven popular, however, and the Panther even formed a supergroup of elite Adored Ones known as the Midnight Angels.

4. He mixes his Superhuman strength with his Super-Tech

Black Panther Busan Car Chase
A Black Panther must train for many years before taking up the mantle. T’Challa possesses Olympic-level strength, speed, agility, stamina and reflexes, and superhuman senses. In addition, he’s a trained acrobat, gymnast, and martial artist. He’s also a skilled hunter, tracker, strategist, politician, and scientist with a genius-level intellect.A Black Panther wields a nigh-impenetrable Vibranium uniform, claws, boots, equipment as well as other advanced tech, reflecting Wakanda’s position as a cutting edge industrial powerhouse.

5. ‘Black panther’ appears in an issue of Fantastic Four

Black Panther Fantastic 4 Comics

Often, it takes a little while for a new superhero to get their very own title. Even Spider-Man debuted in Amazing Fantasy #15. The Black Panther was no exception. His first appearance was in the tried and tested (and then highly selling) Fantastic Four, wayyy back in issue #52 in 1966.

6. He was the first black superhero in comics

Black Panther Marvel Comics Online

That’s right. He predates DC’s Green Lantern (the John Stewart version), Tyroc, and even Black Lightning. On the Marvel side, he was debuted well before Luke Cage or Falcon!

7. He was married to Storm

Black Panther and Storm

Yes, that Storm. The one-time leader of the X-Men and the ruler of Wakanda were married in a huge Wakandan ceremony surrounded by their superhero friends and allies. They immediately went on a diplomatic tour (she was now queen after all), meeting with Dr. Doom in Latveria, the President of the United States, Namor in Atlantis, and others. Then for a short time they even filled in for Sue and Reed Richards as members of the Fantastic Four. Wolverine and Black Panther never did like each other very much too. There was a time when Wolverine was with Storm as well. Eventually the marriage was annulled when Namor attacked Wakanda and T’Challa felt he had to focus more on being a king than a husband. Isn’t that always the way it goes?

8. He is the man behind the design of Quinjets

Avengers Quinjet Black Panther

In the Marvel films, Tony Stark and team hop around the planet aboard slick supersonic jets. What the movies don’t mention is that neither SHIELD nor Stark are actually responsible for making those planes. The Quinjets are, in fact, designed and built by the Wakanda Design Group overseen by T’Challa himself. It’s just one of the many, many ways Wakanda is a world leader in high tech coolness.

9. He took over for Daredevil at Hell’s Kitchen for a while

Black Panther Daredevil Hell's Kitchen
After being in a coma and slowly regaining his powers, T’Challa needed to find himself again/have more faith in his abilities. After the events of Shadowland, Daredevil needed to get out of Hell’s Kitchen. So T’Challa temporarily took over for the Man Without Fear, as a civilian, T’Challa went by the name of Mr. Okonkwo and patrolled the streets as Black Panther.

10. Two great minds created Black Panther.

Stan Lee Iron Man
Two of the greatest minds in the comics, Stan Lee and Jack Kirby created the king of Wakanda.

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