Ed Boon is at it yet again.

After the recent “Blood Moon” phenomenon, our Elder God Ed Boon took to Twitter with a funny caption –

And we thought it would simply end here for us to speculate if it was anything other than a beautiful pic of the moon, but NO!



Ed literally posted this tweet some time later seemingly confirming NIGHTWOLF in Mortal Kombat 11! His words, not mine –

Is Ed trolling again? We don’t know. But a lot of sources have indeed CONFIRMED Nightwolf as one of the characters in the Kombat Pass.



So far, Kabal, Rain, Jade and Reptile have been leaked/confirmed to be there in the game and most possibly officially shown on the 30th of this month on Kombat Kast. Now, the Kombat Pass has 6 DLC characters, and 4 of them have already been pointed out… Out of the remaining 2, NOOB SAIBOT, SPAWN, and NIGHTWOLF have the highest possible chances to get revealed and be playable in the game.



That’s all for now, please stay tuned for more updates!

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